Dishwasher, Glasswasher and Rinse-aid Detergents

All Select own brand chemical products have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards whilst always remembering our green credentials and represent great value for money.

Highly professional commercial detergent, powerful commercial glass cleaner and performance rinse aid for commercial dishwashers are available in 5 and 20 litre sizes, ideal for busy catering and beverage establishments.

Auto Detergent Dosing

Automatic detergent and rinse-aid dispensers. Installation and maintenance are very easy and require only limited amount of time, designed for every type of dishwashing machines.
Just run the rinse-aid and detergent supply line and connect the system to dishwashing machines solenoid valves.

Easy wall mounting and removing thanks to the in-built fixing brackets.

Auto Detergent Dosing

Automatic detergent and rinse-aid dispensers. Installation and maintenance are very easy and require only a limited amount of time, designed for every type of dishwashing machines.
Just run the rinse-aid and detergent supply line and connect the system to dishwashing machines solenoid valves.

Easy wall mounting and removing thanks to the in-built fixing brackets.

Grease traps and dosing systems

Bio Enzyme Drain Maintainer is an essential for any commercial kitchen, with up to 70% of drain blockages being caused by fat, oil and grease build-up. Our Enzyme drain cleaner maintainer chemicals and automatic dosing pumps are a cost-effective solution that meets waterboard compliance.

These concentrated Enzyme Drain Cleaners naturally degrade fats, oils and grease and can be easily applied with our battery operated automatic dosing pumps. Easy to install and configure, it is ideal as a stand-alone grease management solution or in combination to help maintain a grease trap. Meets legal obligations to prevent fat build-up in sewers.

Order Detergents

Order Detergents

COSHH Data Sheets available on request @ [email protected]